RU486 A Safe And Affordable Means For Abortion

Abortion, the process of ending and expelling out the embryo from a lady’s womb is a process much in use and in limelight because of the delicate nature of the emotions involved. Why a woman does so has got various reasons to it, the supporters of abortion propagate the argument that it is ultimately the bearer who has to go through the complications hence it is only a woman’s right to decide whether or not she will continue with pregnancy and the those against abortion deny any such rights to be given to women on moral grounds.

When it comes to it, generally a woman who goes through abortion has multiple reasons for it; it can be pertaining to her mental health, social status, rape, economic status or even emotional status.


There are various pills available to get your pregnancy terminated. The process of abortion through pills is also considered to be one of the safest procedures in medical science. One such drug which has and continues to be the first preference of women for conclusion of pregnancy of up to or less than seven weeks is RU486.

This product is minimally priced, readily available, safer, lesser complicated and a private way to get abortion concluded. RU486 contains Mifepristone as its generic which acts by blocking a hormone called progesterone which is an essential requirement of pregnancy. The blockade results in diminished or cut supply of nutrients and oxygen and ultimately the fetal cells die.

RU486 contains three pills of Mifepristone (200mg each), which are to be taken as a single dose, orally and with water. After 48 hours of the intake, you are required to get an ultrasonography done so as to validate abortion. This process in minute cases does not get complete; there you have to take two pills of Misoprostol (200mcg) either orally or vaginally.

To confirm abortion, go to a diagnostic centre and get an ultrasonography done after a wait of another two days of the intake. A few side effects that may create trouble for a few of the users are body ache, faintness, annoyance, fever, abdominal cramps, cramps and muscle pain.

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